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How to perform Sheep Glitch in Worms Armageddon:
Turn Low Gravity on -- Hang on rope -- F7 -- Enter -- Space -- F5 -- Tap space 'til you land


Worms Armageddon for Linux

The easiest way to install and play W:A on Linux is to use the wapkg toolkit. Clone the repo with git, or grab a Debian package from the Releases page. Arch Linux package is also available from AUR. Don't forget you still need Wine to be installed. And then...
wapt dist-install

You can add stuff like Rubberworm nor some maps to your installation with unbelievable ease:
wapt install rubberworm

WMDB Heavy Pack & The Scheme Kit

Heavy Pack has been moved to the new homepage!
The Scheme Kit is a large package with lots of schemes inside, covering most of currently known gametypes. It's a good addition to the Heavy Pack.
Scheme Kit version 2015
Creeperville are:
medvedx64 Андрей Бобков
4ai Руслан Цыбин
alexx Алексей Долженков
Overwatch Aerial Superiority poster in printable resolution, manually reconstructed using Photoshop and a some kind of black magic.

Unrealer's Corner

I have made some Unreal Tournament 2004 maps thru years 2008-2011:
CTF-FacingFireAndSteel2k11 • DM-1on1-FightFireWithFire • DM-CastleInc • DM-CorpseCorp • DM-DeepBurn • DM-DiePod • DM-Encore! • DM-Metallica • DM-ShieldMadness
Download (a single pack)

Experimental Minecraft to UT2004 conversions:
DM-Meinkraft-ZtepZ (screenshot) • CTF-Meinkraft-Zavod

Test Stuff

Test Stuff is a simple 2D game. There are 18 levels; it's very hard to reach the end. The current stable version is 2.1.0. You can read the short readme below:
This is \`get-a-key-go-to-exit-keep-alive\`. Completely in 2D.
There are no any story; you playing as the red square, looking for keys around on a level. Your enemies are:
- *Idiot*: blue square with rotating arrows, can move only up or down.
- *The Drunken Bot*: looks like player, but it\`s green and it smiles to you.
Walks in random direction, the same way like player.
- *A turret*: shots in random direction with a constant interval.
Bullets can fly through the walls.
- *The Boss*: randomly moves left or right at the top of level, fires from two guns. Starts raging, when his health becomes low.

There are no savegames between levels, so if you\`ll lost all backups and die somewhere at 15th level (for example), you will be returned to the first level. At the game's begin you have five backups; collecting of a big green square will give you one more backup (aka 1-UP).

Nobody (and nothing) is able to slay you, when you\`re on the start; you can shoot only in boss-level, and your bullets can damage only the Boss.
Play TestStuff 1.6 now!
You can get Test Stuff 2.1.0 there:
Source code, Linux i386/amd64 .deb packages and Win32 .zip @
and the same @

Test Stuff is also available via Git:
git clone git://

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