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How to perform Sheep Glitch in Worms Armageddon:
Turn Low Gravity on -- Hang on rope -- F7 -- Enter -- Space -- F5 -- Tap space 'til you land

The World of Doktor — Vanilla Minecraft server • Est. June 25th, 2012 • Explore the worldFull-resolution renders

Worms Armageddon for Linux

The easiest way to install and play W:A on Linux is to use the wapkg toolkit. Clone the repo with git, or grab a Debian package from the Releases page. Arch Linux package is also available from AUR. Don't forget you still need Wine to be installed. And then...
wapt dist-install

You can add stuff like Rubberworm nor some maps to your installation with unbelievable ease:
wapt install rubberworm

WMDB Heavy Pack & The Scheme Kit

Heavy Pack has been moved to it's own homepage!
The Scheme Kit is a large package with lots of schemes inside, covering most of currently known gametypes. It's a good addition to the Heavy Pack.
Scheme Kit version 2015
Creeperville are:
medvedx64 Андрей Бобков
4ai Руслан Цыбин
alexx Алексей Долженков

Dusty Melodies 2020 SACD remaster is now available! (1.7 GB)
Overwatch Aerial Superiority poster in printable resolution, manually reconstructed using Photoshop and a some kind of black magic.

Unrealer's Corner

I have made some Unreal Tournament 2004 maps thru years 2008-2011:
CTF-FacingFireAndSteel2k11 • DM-1on1-FightFireWithFire • DM-CastleInc • DM-CorpseCorp • DM-DeepBurn • DM-DiePod • DM-Encore! • DM-Metallica • DM-ShieldMadness
Download (a single pack)

Experimental Minecraft to UT2004 conversions:

Test Stuff

Test Stuff is a simple 2D game. There are 18 levels; it's very hard to reach the end. The current stable version is 2.1.0. You can read the short readme below:
This is \`get-a-key-go-to-exit-keep-alive\`. Completely in 2D.
There are no any story; you playing as the red square, looking for keys around on a level. Your enemies are:
- *Idiot*: blue square with rotating arrows, can move only up or down.
- *The Drunken Bot*: looks like player, but it\`s green and it smiles to you.
Walks in random direction, the same way like player.
- *A turret*: shots in random direction with a constant interval.
Bullets can fly through the walls.
- *The Boss*: randomly moves left or right at the top of level, fires from two guns. Starts raging, when his health becomes low.

There are no savegames between levels, so if you\`ll lost all backups and die somewhere at 15th level (for example), you will be returned to the first level. At the game's begin you have five backups; collecting of a big green square will give you one more backup (aka 1-UP).

Nobody (and nothing) is able to slay you, when you\`re on the start; you can shoot only in boss-level, and your bullets can damage only the Boss.
Play TestStuff 1.6 now!
You can get Test Stuff 2.1.0 there:
Source code, Linux i386/amd64 .deb packages and Win32 .zip @
and the same @

Test Stuff is also available via Git:
git clone git://

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